1. Kentucky Girl

    College 2022 Uca College Nationals

    Will see be seeing more teams competing in 2022 compared to this year?
  2. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2021 Uca High School Nationals

    The UCA High School Nationals is underway with the virtual competition: https://tv.varsity.com/events/6744444-2021-uca-national-high-school-cheerleading-championship
  3. Kentucky Girl

    College 2021 Uca College Nationals

    I wonder what this year's UCA College Nationals will be like this year? Hmm...
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College Update Regarding The 2021 Uca College Nationals

  5. Kentucky Girl

    College Changes Regarding The 2021 Uca College Nationals

    Small Coed Division IA will be making its debut next year. https://www.varsity.com/uca/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/21_uca_college_cheerdivisions.pdf
  6. Kentucky Girl

    High School Alternates

    What it is like to be an alternate for the Nationals?
  7. Kentucky Girl

    College 2020 Uca College Nationals

    Is anybody excited about the upcoming UCA College Nationals? I know I am! :)
  8. Kentucky Girl

    College Uca Camp Or Nca Camp

    Which college camp tends to have more schools, UCA College Camp or NCA College Camp?
  9. S

    High School Cif - Sunday

    Hey friends, I have been seeing the CIF sunday petition floating around online today and was wondering what is occurring currently since the waiver has not yet been granted.. Specifically with UCA Nationals in mind. Finals for most divisions are still scheduled for Sunday. Are CA teams...
  10. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2018 Uca Bluegrass Regionals

    A lot of top notch high school and all-star squads will be in Lexington this weekend. I'll be posting the performance order sometime this week. Any squads that you are very excited about?
  11. N

    College Uca Staff Tryout

    Hola fierce board! Looking for some tips for upcoming UCA staff tryouts. I tried out my freshman year of college and didn’t make it, but I’m going back once again, this time as a top. Currently a coed top with not much all girl experience, but I do have good tumbling, and pick up material fast...
  12. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2017 Bluegrass Regionals

    Here's the performance order: https://varsity.com/uploads/editor/files/PDFS/UCA/18/Competitions/Orry/Public_Performance_Order_Bluegrass_Championship.pdf And you can also catch the performances on Varsity TV this weekend! Three Events, One Weekend To Watch! | Varsity TV
  13. tjbettin

    High School Cheer First

    Does anyone know the name of any teams that compete UCA that begin their routine with a cheer? I can't find any. Also, want to make sure that there are no point deductions for beginning routine this way before I fully commit to it.
  14. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Uca College Nationals

    Anybody excited for the 2018 UCA College Nationals in January? I wonder what Kentucky has in store for us, hmm... ;)
  15. F

    High School Nhscc Requirement

    Is an athlete required to attend the qualifier for NHSCC in Orlando in February? Meaning, does the athlete need to be on the mat for the qualifier in order participate in the championship? What if an athlete is sick or has a prior commitment and they use an alternate? Thanks in advance!
  16. Kentucky Girl

    College Uca & Nca To Feature Game Day Divisions For 2018

    This: Game Day is steadily growing each and every year! In previous years on day one at NCA & NDA College Nationals, the Game Day portion of each routine took place right before the traditional two minute and fifteen second music portion in Prelims. Each team was given 45 seconds to complete...
  17. Kentucky Girl

    College States

    I notice that colleges in Kentucky (except for Louisville), Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota and Indiana tend to compete for UCA whereas colleges in Texas, Oklahoma (except for the Oklahoma Sooners), North Carolina and South Carolina tend to compete for NCA and colleges in California...
  18. wondervvivi

    All-Star Uca Coaches Camp Level 1 - Has Anyone Experiences?

    I am interested to attend the UCA Coaches Camp Level 1 in Germany since I started coaching this year and want to do be good at it. Has anyone attended a camp like this already or is any german coach also interested? The camp says it's perfect for new coaches and it teaches about essentials for...
  19. mncheerqueen

    High School "sandbagging" In High School Cheer?

    I know people often talk about in the all star world of sandbagging by teams by crossing over higher level athletes to lower, etc but I was curious about this discussion in the high school world. For example I know of a school who has majority squad tucks but competes as a "non tumble" because...
  20. Kentucky Girl

    High School Male Flyers

    I noticed that it is pretty common to see a male cheerleader fly in a basket toss at the NCA Nationals (Texas Tech, for example had a guy fly in a x-out full basket toss in the Nationals routine) but never at the UCA Nationals. How common are male cheerleaders who fly in baskets and stunts?