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First, let me say I'm sorry, sweet pea. Whether 3 years, 13 or 30 years, break-ups are going to be painful. You must really miss this person, and I bet you feel pretty confused, hurt, angry, betrayed and about a million other emotions all at once.
So, let's sit and imagine that we're on the couch, with a fuzzy blanket and a box of tissues. Have a good cry. I mean a GOOD cry. Sob, scream into a pillow, drool, doesn't matter. Just let that part have it's place. This loss is going to run its course in lots of ways- your emotions will change drastically, sometimes from day to day, sometimes minute to minute. But each feeling is important to have. You're grieving, and it's ok!
If there's one thing I've come to learn the hard way, it's that often our relationships, at the end, aren't what they once were. Sounds like you've experienced that. So, really what we "miss" is not what was actually there anymore, anyway. For whatever reason. I bet if you look back, you may have been preparing for the loss of this person you loved for a while now. That said, what your relationship has been, as of late, may be less of a companionship, and more of a habit. And now you're forced to break that habit. It won't be easy, but it can be done.
Just like breaking any other habit, you take personal inventory. What "triggers" your loneliness or hurt? Try to keep busy to avoid those triggers. Girlfriends are great for taking you out, or having a "Waiting to Exhale" movie day with chicken wings and ice cream. Get re-acquainted with old friends, but YOU have to reach out. They may not know or recognize your pain until you say something. You could take your mom out for coffee, go to the gym, (plus, there's nothing like seeing your ex when you KNOW you look hot from all those workouts,) and plan something for each day.
As hard as it may be some days, always get up, eat a good breakfast and do your hair and makeup!! Sounds crazy, but sometimes I've slipped into being "in my feelings" a little too much and I just don't feel like getting "done up." Well, it goes a long way toward helping you remember your own beauty and just getting you ready to spend your time not focused on that person.
Time does heal all wounds. Some wounds are deeper and more painful, and take longer to heal than others. But if you remember your worth, and know that someone else is missing out on all you have to offer, you'll end up stronger and wiser, in the end.
It is really hard when you are young ......but please know that there is a huge life lesson in this. I'll pass on a bit of advise my mom gave me when an old boyfriend broke my heart....sidenote..I still do not know why I was listening to my mom this particular day cuz Lord knows I never listened and hit many walls.....she said these few words..."why would you want someone who doesnt want you?"....sounded kind of harsh but truth is truth....I turned it into thankfulness that he revealed himself to me so I wasted no more time on a not so nice person in my life.....I pray you can grasp this...people who are worth crying over most times won't make you cry...take care and understand....you are beautiful and there are awesome people out there who seek someone like you...:)