Advice For Cheer Tryouts

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Bailey McRoberts

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Apr 3, 2020
Backstory: Last year I tried out for my high school's cheer team. I was the only girl who had never done cheer before, and I was trying out for my junior year. Me and one other girl didn't make the team, so it had me pretty down. I can do high jumps and stuff just fine, but closest thing to tumbling that I have been able to do is cartwheels. Now, after the whole Covid-19 outbreak, my school is e-learning for the rest of the school year. So the cheer tryouts probably wont be until the beginning of next school year.

Question: I will be trying out for my senior year of high school, but I've never been on the cheer team before. Does anyone think there is a possibility of me being able to make the team, having never been in cheer before? And if so, what are some tips that would help me boost my chances of making the cheer team? I am open to trying to get better at tumbling stuff, but I don't have any gyms around where I live that offer it.
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