1. O

    Could I Realistically Do Cheer In College

    I have been cheering for 2 seasons in high school and I am a senior. I have no real tumbling skills. The most impressive thing I can do is a one-handed cartwheel. Aside from that I can only do the extreme basics that practically every girl can do- forward and backward rolls, cartwheels...
  2. L

    Need Advice On Preparing For College Level Tumbling

    Hi! I’m a junior in high school and I really want to cheer in college, so I need to upgrade my tumbling skills. At the moment I can do bhs series, and am working standing tucks. I need to learn standing tucks, bhs tuck and bhs layout by next March. Do you guys think this is possible? What are...
  3. P

    All-Star A Teen’s Dream

    Hi everyone, I’m an incoming college freshman. Never cheered on a team a day in my life. I’ve taken a few tumbling and stunting classes at gyms over the years, but my parents never allowed me to join any teams even when I offered to pay for it. It’s a dream of mine to cheer in college or all...
  4. R

    Roundoff Back Handspring Full Help

    I’ve had this skill for a good 6 months now, although I’ve had two major injuries in that time, but have gotten it back with no problem. Now I suddenly can’t land my full. If I’m on spring floor and get really high, it lands, but my torso is always bent when I land. If I’m on dead floor, I...
  5. Miranda Zagorski

    Starting Our Own All-star Cheer Gym - Advice??

    A fellow coach and I are currently part of an all star team. However, it is not a cheerleading gym - it is a team offered by a dance studio - we only practice once a week with our teams throughout the year to compete. The program has not grown in the four years we have had it (we are not the...
  6. wondervvivi

    All-Star Help Needed For Decision - Should I Switch Gyms?

    Hey everybody, I will explain the situation I have at my gym now. Last year we had two senior team level 6 & 5 (in germany you can only compete in these levels as as senior). I was on level 5, at our last competion we've been told that the level 6 coaches will stop coaching and that we're gonna...
  7. glitterbows_pointedtoes

    All-Star Should I Switch Gyms?

    My mum suggested I switch gyms due to some issues with the team I was placed on, and I've been thinking about it but not sure. If I'm gonna switch, I need to do it SOON because this is the perfect time (the UK season has just ended). Also my sister is starting cheer soon so we need to decide...
  8. glitterbows_pointedtoes

    All-Star Cheer+ University- Is It Possible? (uk)

    YO, THIS IS GONNA BE LONG AND RANTY . SKIP TO THE BITS IN BOLD IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT BACKGROUND INFO. So basically, I'm 15 now and I'm starting to wonder what's gonna happen to my passion for cheer as I get older (yes I'm worrying about that NOW). Anyway, I intend to keep cheering for at...
  9. T

    College Cheerleading

    hey guys! I just wanted to hear your opinions and advice. I currently attend West Virginia University and they have two co-ed teams. I've cheered for about 6-7 years and I took a couple years off to focus on my academics. I am interested in trying out for the team, but what is the likelihood...
  10. glitterbows_pointedtoes

    First Competition! (tips Needed)

    Going to my first EVER cheer competition in a few weeks, and I'm super excited but also nervous! Has anybody got any tips for me?
  11. VElite

    Tips For A New Gym Owners

    Hi, I want to open my own gym and i'm looking for any advice please!
  12. W

    Advice On This Stunt?

    Has anyone done this stunt that has any advice? For reference I am coming from a collegiate competitive cheerleading club. Our rewinds are not making much progress and we would like to add this stunt into the routine instead, but it would have to show significant progress in a weeks time. Thanks!
  13. M

    All-Star Tumbling Advice Please

    Hi all, I've always been terrified to do any kind of acrobatics/tumbling due to having balance issues as a child. I've been cheering for about 1,5 years now, and at my gym,we are starting to focus more on tumbling. It took me roughly about a year to " get over "my anxiety and I am now able to...
  14. C

    Problematic Coach?

    okay so I've been on the same cheer team for three years now (this is my 3rd) and before I was on the team I had been the unofficial manager for it for most of my life. The coach is my mothers cousin and she is causing a great deal of stress for me as a coach. Her daughter, my fellow teammate...
  15. airbear

    High School Cheer Shoes Recommendation?!

    Hi. So I was just wondering what kinds of cheer shoes I should get. I'm considering the Nfinity Defiances or Vengeances or the Nike Unites. I'm going to be doing high school cheer, and I know from going to clinics that they train on dead mat. I'm an ex gymnast so I'm used to tumbling on spring...