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Dec 4, 2009
What does your gym statistics look like? How many tiny, mini, youth, junior, and seinor kids do you have?

How many level 1,2, 3, 4, 5? (level 6 isn't really needed as it isn't kids taking lessons).

Rays tends to be very bottom heavy (we have more mini and youth than junior and senior or more 1,2,3 than 4,5) though this year I think we have an even distribution.

I know Cheer Athletics tends to be ver top heavy (mostly level 5's and senior kids). This is a VERY unique situation (I think). (feel free to correct me @BlueCat if I am off)

I have always pictured most gyms are bottom heavy and their distribution looks like a food chain pyramid:

All these level 1's help create a smaller subset of level 2's. And so on and so forth until you reach the apex of level 5's.

But I have heard from quite a few people that cheerleading is getting smaller. To me I am thinking that means there are less level 1's and less mini's getting involved. So seeing the makeup of peoples gyms might help give a little clarity to that.
twisters is a little more top heavy with 6 level 5's (7 with WG's but since they're a combination of other teams it doesn't really count). we also have more senior aged kids (we have sr 1-5) than junior/youth. however the youth program is growing so we may start to see a slight change.
Twist & Shout is pretty even across the board averaging roughly the same number of mini/youth as we do juniors with a slightly lower number of senior aged kids.

As far as levels go, the majority of our gym is levels 3-5 with a very few number of level 1 and 2's.
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For my gymnastic people: do gymnastic gyms tend to look a little like my pyramid model? Levels 1-7 are everywhere (or maybe it is levels 1-5??) but when you get to level 8 you move on from your current gym and go to a higher level gym? Not everyone tries to have an olympic level gym.
our gym is small, but i would say the majority of our athletes are solid level 2/3. we don't really have tiny's or mini's, usually just a show team and that would be the level 1s. I would still say the majority of our teams are Junior/Sr, but there are more numbers in Junior.
Indiana Elite has 1 tiny, 2 mini, 3 youth, 4 Junior, and 3 Senior teams. One of the senior teams is small, the rest large.
4 level 1; 4 level 2; 2 level 3; 3 level 4
Our gym has no level 5 and is all girl.
World Cup definitely has more senior aged athletes than anything else. I don't know the exact numbers for half the teams this year but I believe the majority of them are large. It seems like Level 4-5 and 1-3 are split equally. (This doesnt include lazers)
Level 4-5 - 257
Level 1-3 - 257
Youth - 110
Junior - 132
Senior - 248

Tiny 1(10), Mini 1 (15), Youth 1(20), Youth 2(32), Youth 3(32), Youth 5(25)
Junior 2(32), Junior 3(32), Junior 4(32), Junior 5(36)
2 Senior 2s(52), Senior 3(32), Senior 4(32), 4 senior 5s(132)
Does this reflect the junior aged atheletes that are on senior teams??
I'm sure that is a significant percent
Does this reflect the junior aged atheletes that are on senior teams??
I'm sure that is a significant percent
The thing that is tricky there is what makes someone senior vs junior.
For level 5, you are eligible on juniors until you are 14. And you become eligible on seniors when you are 12.
For non level 5s, you can be on seniors at any age.
The thing that is tricky there is what makes someone senior vs junior.
For level 5, you are eligible on juniors until you are 14. And you become eligible on seniors when you are 12.
For non level 5s, you can be on seniors at any age.
exactly! my guess is 12-14 is the largest age group in allstar on all levels.
Freshman year seems to be a make or break for a lot of cheerleaders
Tiny1 - 12
Mini1 - 28
Youth2 - 15
Junior3 - 20
Senior4.2 - 20
Senior4 - 20

Were bottom heavy with our largest team being mini 1!
I'm also going to classify 4.2 in the level (1-3)

Level (1-3) 95
Level (4) 20


Last year was a lot different because we had more upper level then this year. I would say last year it was half and half because we had large level Jr and Sr 4&5 teams. We also had about half as many Mini's last year!!

Most of our level 5 SRs aged out and our now on are open team which isn't listed here! Also our owners also coach the college team Austin Peay State University and some cheer for that team!
We have 2 mini teams (1 and 2), 2 youth teams (3 and 4), 2 junior teams (1 and 4) and 4 senior teams. Most of the athletes on our senior teams are over 14, but there are a few juniors and maybe one youth. I think all of the athletes on our coed 5 are over 14. We have a Senior 3, Senior 4 and 2 Senior 5.

Both of our mini teams are small and we haven't started our tinys yet.

I don't have numbers but most of our athletes are Junior and Senior aged and most of our teams are levels 3 -5.
Level 1 - 50 (split between tiny 1, youth 1 and sr 2)
Level 2 - 30 (split between youth 2 and sr 2)
Level 3 - 38 (split beteween j3 and sr4)
Level 4 - 30 (split between j4 and sr4)
Level 5 - 26

All of the tiny age kids are on tinys this year. Mini aged kids are spread out from youth 1 to youth 2 to j3 and j4 (j3 and j4 both have 2 - 8 turning 9 year olds) Youth age kids are on youth 1, youth 2, j3, and j4. Junior age kids are on j3, j4, sr 2, sr 4, and sr5. Senior age kids are sr2, sr4, and sr 5. Not exactly what you were asking, but I think our biggest age groups are youth and junior. I think it goes in waves. One year we will get a big influx of minis. This year we got a huge group of new tinys and youth age kids. and we always pick up the junior and senior age kids that are brand new.

We had a lot of people move into our area from out of town that were already familiar with how allstar cheer works. We had a lot of kids come to us from other struggling programs. Our tiny and youth teams are priced more reasonably (less comps, half hour less practice time a week and an older uniform) that I think helps new parents make the financial committment.
I think in the Dallas area we have 2 distinct gym dynamics:
-the majority are very bottom heavy, with strong 1,2&3 mini/youth/junior programs and a few select small 4/5 teams
-then you have Cheer Athletics and Spirit Of Texas which are more top heavy

Since there are so many gyms within driving distance for people in the area, typically a kid starts out young in a bottom heavy program that builds a strong foundation and then once they get to level 5 at their gym for a season or two they will make the drive to CA or SOT for that Worlds medal chance. Also depending on whether an athlete goes into a high school competitive program they many times opt to do that in our area instead of allstar teams, making senior teams more scarce in certain school district areas. For example: Out of the 4-5 school districts that came to my old gym on average, 1 was very competitive in the UCA circuit (practices almost every day of the week, nationals at disney the week before allstar NCA etc. etc.). Kids from this particular district as soon as they hit 9th grade would stop allstars if they were level 3,4,5 because they couldnt handle the practice and competition schedules together, but kids from our other districts would keep continuing on through seniors because they didnt have the opportunity to compete or win at the high school level along with all the kids from that district that didnt have the skills to make the high school team(lv 2-3).
I will break it down both ways- by their team and the level of that team and then by age range and individual tumbling level.

We (after some major switching this weekend) now have:
Large Sr 3 with 28
Small Jr 2 with 20
Large Jr 1 with 26
Small Mini 1 with 12 (and growing)

Those teams are made up with the following kids (jr here will mean too old to be youth but still young enough to be jr)
8 Srs (1 L5r, 2 L4, 3 L3, 2 L2)
34 Jrs (2 L5r, 3 L4, 7 L3, 12 L2, 10 L1)
28 Youth (8 L3, 8 L2, 12 L1)
14 Mini (1 L3, 1 L2, 12 L1)
2 Tiny (2 L1)

So we seem to pretty much follow a bell curve with age but a pyramid with Level