All-Star All-girl Partner Stunts!!

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I love love lovee when girls base partner stunts! I think its beastt!!
Do you guys have any videos of girls partner stunting in routines?

Here's what I got:
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Cheer Odyssey:

I don't have a video but my freshman year in college, two girls on our all-girl team did a walk-in lib at at the end of their routine at NCA Nationals!

That same year, I had to do a chair with the girl at our basketball league tournament thing. We took 8 people from coed and the 2 all-girl captains.
On the old Tribe Cheer website there was a video of an all-girl partner stunting couple that actually competed and were amazing for their age! It was crazy!! I wonder if any of the Tribe coaches know of where to locate this video?
Oh and Oklahoma State University had 4 girls compete in all girl partner stunting competition and the backspot did a beautiful toss platform.
Yeah UA Legacy has 6 right in the beginning of the routine. UA Supremacy doesn't do toss to hands, but they do 6 stunts with 3 of them being 2-man express ups.