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Mar 26, 2011
Since All Levels is going to be combining with 8 elite competitions this season instead of offering bids as usual, how is it going to work? Does anyone know? Do teams compete only once and be judged twice? Like once for the original competition and another score for All Levels. And will they still be handing out sweatshirts to the winners of the regional events?
I believe the tape of the winning teams performance from the competitions that they picked gets sent in and they pick the winners that way. There is no more bids or an actual competition to compete at.
You don't have to have a bid this time.
They're still doing the virtual championships, but this time you have to place first, instead of placing first or second.
The site says it depends on the competition if you compete once or twice.
The companies will give out their own awards plus All-Levels awards. Atlanta and Dallas will only be All-Levels related awards. A couple months ago I saw they were giving out rings for the winners, but I can't find it on there now.
This whole thing kind of confuses me too. And i cant find any clear explanations anywhere.
We are competing at All Star Challenge-Return to Atlantis (Baltimore) - which is one of the all-level comps.
So if we are lucky enough to win at this comp. does this mean that we would also win all levels? And is there
different judging panels?
you compete just like normal, you'll get the regular competition awards in addition to receiving all levels awards.

The Division winners then virtually compete via a video of their performance against the division winners from the other 7 competitions and then the all levels champion is crowned and will get rings
All-Levels just got real confusing this year. They're changing something every year and it get shard to keep up.