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Mar 18, 2010
For my Sociology project, we're told to define what makes up a a culture in our life, whether it be our school, our family or even a sports team. Since cheerleading consumes most of my life, I want to write about what makes up our All Star "culture". I need some help though! If we could define who we are and what we do, how would you describe it? What are our "norms", so to speak? We're such an interesting and fun group of people, I definitely want to write about it but I can't exactly put it into words.
Thanks for your help!
I think I big thing is what we wear very much who defines. Who else finds a Huge bow sitting on top of our head with a crop top and a skirt as cute and not slutty
Not to sound cheesy or cliche but I think the culture is also defined by team pride and spirit. How many of us buy everything we can find in our teams colors just so we can "represent"? Also-the bonds that are formed are HUGE!
Passionate people. Dedicated to their sport, their team, their world. All Star cheerleading has become its own small world. Go to any competition and teams near and far are conversing with each other, catching up on day to day occurences in the gym, on the competition mat, etc. Its not always a friendly place, but its a place that only a cheerleader (or parent, coach) can fully respect. And I think, for the most part, we are ok with that.