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Dec 14, 2009
Do you feel that if an allstar gym has rec teams competing under the gyms name and stacks their team with their allstars is it cheating? Also how does a team have allstar in their name and compete rec?
Exactly my point- so If an allstar team is "making" rec teams that do not cheer for other sports than is it cheating just to get another title?
could be, but I don't know the team or the situation. just because allstars is in there name doesn't mean that they are from an allstar gym. They could be the best kids from all the youth football teams' cheerleaders, which would make them an "allstar" team that could compete in rec. Some of the kids could also be on an allstar team from an allstar gym just like some allstar kids compete with their highschools too.
I know of a local Rec program that is rec, allstar, and school all rolled into one. They have all the kids in the town basically, from ages 5-18, come to a tryout. Then, they take their top high school aged kids and put them on a Senior 4.2 team, their bottom high school aged kids go to the high school varsity or jv. Their top middle school kids go to Junior 2 allstars, and their bottom go to either middle school rec or high school jv. Their top kids younger than middle school go to a youth 1 allstar team, the rest go to biddie rec. They have a gym, and the same 2 coaches coach ALL of those teams.
Like rah rah cheering, cheering for a midget football league. At least thats what it is around here.

Yeah thats what it is here too. Im assuming theyre talking about rec that competes at all star events.
We have half year teams. They are kids (mostly) from rec programs that come to cheer for us when their season is over. But they compete in All Star division.

I saw a team... I am pretty sure they were from NY and they had some sort of All Stars in ther name and they wore uniforms that were very "All Stars". At one competition they had one of their teams compete in Rec and others compete in All Stars...............hmmmmmmmmm
Yeah thats what it is here too. Im assuming theyre talking about rec that competes at all star events.

I know some gyms with all-star teams have what they call "rec teams", which are usually half-year or introductory teams that still go to competitions. Not sure if that's an actual designation or if it varies by program.