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I have a team that is mostly 7/8yr old, this is the first year that they have ever done cheer. I would like to explain the routine and see if anyone could give me any and all advise. We compete at varsity comps and have done well but defiantly could do so much better.
9 girls

Start of routine:
Basket toss. cradle out
step in 1/2 twist to left lib.
Fall back invert to right heel stretch
cradle out to 1/2 turn
roundoff handspring out

round off handspring into cradle
lift to bed
bed to left heel stretch
1/2 turn to front pull bow and arrow
cradle out

double toe touch
turn pike
back handspring pause
back handspring pause to transition


stunt- handspring to prep lib
lift to full
1/2 twist down to load
trans in load
1\2 twist up to full
cradle prone

movement during-
roundoff handspring
trans step out motion
turn to round off handspring

Running tumbling:
3- round off backhand springs
1- round off double backhand spring
burst of 4- round off backhand springs
1- round off triple back handspring

1. t drop from floor lvl
shoulder sit
dismount front
2. show and go full
barrel roll
lib 1/2 press to lib full press

Dance to end
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