All-Star Americheer March 18th-20th

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Feb 25, 2010
So AmeriCheer next week in Orlando at the MILK house, anyone going or know of any teams going? I feel like it's a random competition but their website makes it out to be a big deal.

Thanks :)
idk how it is now, but I've been to that competition 2 or 3 times. It was fun the times I went, mainly because it's in Disney World! idk who is going though. But if all else fails, at least you're in a good location.
i'm just hoping there's some relatively exciting teams going, & by the looks of the replies to this post the turn out doesn't seem too promising :\ but thank youuu!
This is the first year we are not going in a few seasons. It has gotten smaller each time but I will miss some of our international friends we saw yrr after yr.
i just looked at the performance order,
boringboringboring. very disappointed :\
I heard Maximum from PA came in first. I have friends on that team. I hope everyone had fun!
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