Any Tips For Keeping Cheer Shoes Dry In The Rain?

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Sep 3, 2011
When ever it rains my shoes get soaked... and after awhile they just make my shoes smell... is there any way to keep them dry while its raining?
U can use water proofer they sell it at finish line.. When u use it; it just kind of makes it bead up and roll off. It doesn't soak in as much!
I use to sell shoes and I was number 1 in accessories- (shoes cleaners, socks, hats, shoelaces, and insoles!)
I should have added this to my last post. The best brand of product I would recommend is Kiwi. I have used their shoe cleaner in the past and it worked really well. Therefore, I would believe that other Kiwi products would be just as good!
They make shoe covers for workers that have to go in and out of houses. They look like hospital booties but are waterproof. Maybe that would work????
Cheer Soxx said:
Try Cheer Soxx! They slip on over your Cheer Shoes. Very cute to! Check out the website at You can design your own to match your team!

Some of my girls get these! They're very practical.