Any Tips On Getting All The Way Around In Your Full?

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Jan 18, 2011
hey guys ! i'm still trying to get all the way around in my full and idk why its not happening .... any tips? <3ECE
make sure your squeezing. If you squeeze your toes and point them all the other muscles in your body will be tight as well which will allow you to spin all the way around
Make sure that you set as high as you can and wait to twist. If you twist directly off the ground it won't give you the time to get all the way around. Squeeze and don't arch your back at all. It will slow down your rotation.
i'm working on my full too! after 3 open tumblings i'm finally twisting by myself & that was after my coach told me to set high like a layout then when you twist really use your shoulders, head, & hips & pull hard. if you don't set you'll twist straight off the ground & there won't be enough time to make it all the way around!
when i could not get all the way around in my full, my coach told me to wait a little bit longer before i pulled, and it worked. also make sure your head is in, and your pulling hard. good luck!
I just got my round off full on the floor into the mats and I also had a problem. I relized that after I landed the round off or robhs I should set facing the corner instead of facing straight then twisting :) good luck! :)
My daughter learned how to pull all the way around on the trampoline. She would do hundreds until she was able to pull all the way around.