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Some do. It's irritating. At one competition they had foam all over the place, and the strip was a mess. And this past weekend there was only on strip so you had to split the strip and share with another team at the same time. Like what?
We've had that problem with some event companies in the past. Have your coach tell an event rep about it. If everyone complains enough they will get they will get the picture or lose your business.
I remember Athletics Destin a few years ago was outside in a tent... On uneven ground... UGH!
I actually feel that the tumbling warm up strips are actually springier than the regular floor.
at a jamfest competition the mats were put down so badly our coach had us stop a second to take up the tape connecting the mats & move them in closer & re-tape it so we could actually tumble & of course the people working back there just watched us..
I remember Athletics Destin a few years ago was outside in a tent... On uneven ground... UGH!
I've had several warmups outside in tents. One during a was miserable. We had to RUN inside and still got soaked right before we went on. Also I was on a coed team and we couldnt throw our baskets fully because of the bars holding up the tent. Jankyyy
Be lucky. Some of our competition use a airtrack for tumbling and the warm up spring floor (if there is a spring floor, most of the use only mats) isn´t the same as the competition floor.
One year at jamfest, we only had 2 warmup mats. A tumble lane and a big mat.
So we did basically everything on the tumble mat. There were like divets in it. You could noticably walk around and tell that there were little dips.
All-star UCA warmed up outside in a tent too!! One day was at Indiana Jones and the other was the milkhouse (or HP fieldhouse now :mad:(( hate the change) then day two you went to the other location. For Indiana Jones the warm-ups were in the parking lot behind the amphitheater in a big white tent! It was always miserably hot and crowded!
i went to one comp..cant remember what it was right now..but the warm up strip was in a hallway so if you tumbled high at all you would hit the ceiling, and it was so short that I couldn't even fit a two to full on it let alone running tumbling. It was terrible.
At a small competition my old gym used to go to, we had to stunt in a tiny room that wasn't high enough to do baskets in, then we had to walk out and go to this tumble strip in the hallway. The tumble strip was small and I was in constant fear of hitting the walls. It was also about 3 or 4 ft too short so you also had to worry about tumbling off the mat. That was the worst warm-up area I've ever been in.
Not open for further replies.