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Jan 5, 2011
You had an athlete with:
-(Specialties to) Running full (Amazingly pretty)
-Standing 3
-Standing back

What team would they go on?
A level 4? A level 3? Or a level 5?
I'm at a loss here./:
How old/maturity?
How are their jumps?
What position do they stunt? What team needs this?
How well do they handle choreo?

More to team placement then tumbling skills.
Absolutely AGREE!! I have seen athletes be placed on a higher level just because of their tumbling, but they can't perform the balance of the higher level skills; stunts, jumps, dance.

The right level for the athlete is the team where the athlete has a clear role and contribution value to the team.
IMO I would say 5 because of specialties to full and all. but they would also have to be a strong stunter. and deff have triple toe back.
To me this is how I break down a true LEVEL athlete...

Level 5: 2 to full, triple toe back, combo to full.
Level 4: 2 to layout, jump pause back, combo to layout.
Level 3: Triple toe 2 BHS, combo to tuck, punch front.

To me thats what a "TRUE" level athlete should have! And for everything... 9 out of 10 kids can be taught to do the rest!
Her jumps are average. She is 14, which means she could be on J5 or J4 or J3. She is a pretty Strong base.
I would start her out on J4. It should be challenging but not overwhelming. Also a possibility to put her as an alternate on 5, it would give her the experience and something to aim for. She how hard she works then take it from there.
How is her attitude? How about her attendance - is she late a lot or misses practice for not so good reasons? Is she coachable? Is she adaptable to change - if her position in Tumbling is moved from front to middle or next to last past to second pass will she (and her parents) throw a fit or roll with it? How does she interact with the others who may be a part of the team (if she is not new to the program) Does she come in for extra work or just do the bare minimum to maintain her skills in all areas? Is she a performer or just goes thru the motions of the routine? Too many negatives in these areas may outweigh her skill level and relegate her to a lower level team in some gyms.
Junior 4. I think its a great place for her to not get frustrated. There is plenty to work on and not get bored, but since she's advanced more in her running tumbling she won't feel frustrated or defeated that she may be the worst standing tumbler on the team.