All-Star Bad Backs In Cheer..?

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Jan 10, 2010
Just curious because I've had back problems for a while but I have always managed to deal with it during cheer but I recently had a near-death experience which caused my back to get even worse, it's pretty much done for. I was wondering how any of you athletes out there with back problems help the pain, do you just take breaks from it during practice, ice it or what? I need help..uhg.
I guess it depends on the severity of your back pain/injury. I played football for 11 years and never had a back problem. I did cheer for 2 years and ended up with a herniated disk from the strain of catching baskets and partner stunts. I believe its due to bad technique but this sport is hard on the ankles, knees, back and shoulders. I deal with my pain by ice, meds, and rest.
i have a terrible back, i've hurt it a few times to the point where I couldn't walk the next 2 days without being in a ton of pain. I also have Scoliosis reallyyy bad, my doctor put me on a non-narcotic (non addictive) muscle relaxer and thats been helping a little bit.
I usually ice, bio frezze, and chiropractor alot. Mine is actually out now and has been for a week. I was going to go to the chiro. but then I thought well why have my back in place for one day then go to indy and tumble then it may go out so if you go to the chiro. make sure you have a few days off before you do anything.
Yeah, I'm required to go to the chiro 3 times a week now, he says I might be able to start tumbling again in about 4-8 weeks.
yea there is this girl on my team and she goes to physical thearpy, she still practices every practice one of her vertabraes are not fully connected it is like split in half.
I have a bad back:( Erm I like like heat patches or rubs? But actually the most helpful thing I learned was good posture, that's made a difference, but it still gets sore now and then! x<3
I also have a bad back and for me the doctor perscribed me a medicine called Mobic and that helps alot i can tell the difference it my back when i dont take it. Also if it gets bad enough i just take a week off because if i tell my coach thats what he makes me do. I also sleep on a heating pad ( one that turns off after 1 hour) I hurt mine because i have pulled the muscle 3 times and i have been dealing with this for a year now and my coaches are very understanding because they want me to get better so im at my best and i dont hurt myself farther.
getting a massage works miracles.... its amazing what a good massage can do and def make you feel so rejuvenated. its great for stretching of the muscles
Back problems in cheer are very common. For me, it always hurts after I jump or tumble. All that is is a lack of core muscle strength. So for anyone with back problems in cheat work them core muscles!
Icy hot patches are great help too. They've become my life.
I have a bad back from cheer mixed with having big boobs. I have a really bad arched spine and it hurts from standing up for 30+ minutes. Resting it and ice/heat are my best friends. I've been wanting to go to the chiro, but we have no money for me to do that.
My friend has had a bad back forever, and so has her dad and her dad goes to acupuncture for it, so my friend had just started going because her back was really bothering her so she goes like every month i think? something like that, and she said it's really helped her. But before that she went to physical therapy.
I tore the muscle in back last year and heating pads did wonders for me. After every practice I would lay flat on my stomace and wrap the heating pad around my back and lay there for about a half hour- an hour depending on how bad the pain was. To eliminate the pain during practice I suggest a back brace but I wouldn't use it for too long because I started to get use to it so when it came time to stop using the brace it became more painful to tumble and what not because i depended on the brace. But hot and cold patches work great too I use them before a competition and occasionally before practice. Hope this helped!
icy hot. icy hot. icy hot. the deodorant style stick, every single moment i'm practicing.
then a heating pad after practice. sometimes an ice bath, or a really hot bath with Epsom salt.
i went to physical therapy for a VERY short seemed to really help, but then of course my insurance pulled me out.