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Two Time Defending Champion, Board Comedian
Dec 14, 2009
We always talk about SICK tumblers and FIERCE Flyers on Level 5 Teams- Who is great ALL AROUND?

Here are some from my gym:

Jackie Mesh
Stunts: Back Spots Ball Up 540 to Opposite Stretch, High to High Tick tock to Front Stretch, 1.5ups
Standing Tumbling: Toe Full, One to Double
Running Tumbling: Front Handspring Front Full Thru to Double, RO 1.5 Punch Front thru to Double, Arabian Thru to Double
Other: Point Jumper

Natalie Hanalei
Stunts: Flies Ball Up 360 Opposite Stretch, High to High Tick Tock to Front Stretch, 1.5 Up, Switch Kick Double
Standing Tumbling: Cartwheel Full
Running Tumbling: Whip Arabian Thru to Double
Other: Front Row Dancer
courtney goodlow amazing flyer, tumbler, jumper, etc.
same with toniann yuli both from shooting stars

also alyssa johnson from full house shes always the center flyer, jumper, and dancer, shes also a great tumbler with variations through to double
Bree Nance- former CA Wildcat now on SOT international coed (fierce dancer: last pass, point jumper, did a toe full and one to double on Panthers worlds 09, also an amazing back spot and flexible flyer)
Ambrel Mitchell- CA Wildcats/ former Panther (does a toe full, hand whip to full, and 1.5 though to double, point dancer, stable base; did a one to double and RO 1.5 through to a full double back in 07)
i think gabie from CEA is amazing all around. she is a solid good flyer, i think she tumbles a front punch through to double, and shes in the front for jumps (not point though..)
Cheer Command Sm Sr 5 has two girls who are great at both, Morgan, and Taylor. Both I believe are not only really strong flyers, both throw three to doubles, as well as combo running tumbling to doubles. Plus I believe they have another girl named Claira I think who does the same I believe. Hope I got names right
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