All-Star Bow Help For A Tg Worlds Team

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Dec 13, 2009
We just got an awesome new Gk uni in for this weekend but made a little goof and forgot to order bows lol is there anyone out there who owns a bow company that can sponsor or offer some affordable simple bows for this weekend? If so please email me asap

[email protected]
Bows r really not that hard to make if you have to..probably can find a you tube video to show you how. Ribbon is really pretty reasonably priced, and most places have a large selection glitter or sequins ect. Might be fun to get parents involved. Just a thought. PM me if you need too..I have made many bows.
Try royalty bows ( Facebook) or bow down cheer bows ( Facebook or website) they have really nice bows and maybe they could do something on such a short notice?? I'm not sure so don't take my word but it's worth a shot asking! Hope you find some bows!
Thank you all so much for for your help and suggestions at this point we have the situation under control but were so happy to know that in the event that we we were in need our friends and family from the cheer community were willing and able to help us out.

Thanks again,
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