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Jun 24, 2010
Im on page 8 of 56 searching for the answer to a question about bow making i have. I want to make sure my question has never been asked or discussed on the message boards before i ask it. I dont want to get a "this question was asked", or "check the random forum you should find your answer there" ect..ect.. just following the board rules. I'll let you know how my search progresses.
ok so the question was asked on page 12 post #236 and now i am on page 15 and the question was not yet answered :)
post #340 on page 17 kinda answered my question but not exactly. still looking ;)

ps i'm not looking to make bows to sell. I have been "volunteered" by my ever so wonderful daughter who thinks I have nothing better to do than to make bows for her school team..at no cost to the school or the 16 girls on varsity and 17 girls on JV who by the way want those pinwheel looking pom pom bows.
Page 23 post #450 asked my question and post #460 answered it. Guess i have to purchase a heat sealer cause a lighter doesnt work well. now a new question has begun to stir in my bow making brain. lets see how many post I have to keep reading.
Honestly, you shouldn't be doing it for free. You can do simple bows at cost for $5-8 per girl.
Honestly, you shouldn't be doing it for free. You can do simple bows at cost for $5-8 per girl.

i probably shouldn't but we are lucky to even have cheer at my daughters school with all the budget cuts in NJ. Once i figure out the total cost of supplies divided by the amount of bows i'll decide how many hours of yardwork and house cleening the teams owe me.
ok so my new question was never answered so i "googled" it and got my answer. thats 1 hour of my life i will never get back. i'll post pics of my bows when done. now onto finding the cheepest ribbon and/or fabrics to make these bows.
Isn't it nice though that your daughter knows you are the best for this project!!! Can't wait to see the bows!!!
i've been measuring, cutting, heat sealing, and glueing for 6 1/2 hours. i haven't even begun to assembe bows yet. my child owes me BIG!