All-Star Braces???

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Dec 15, 2009
This is for EP's, coaches, or anyone in the know.

Lately I've been seeing more flyers with Donjoy like braces (mostly knee). Are there safety deductions that goes along with this? Or should there be?

Back in 06, I had an EP come out and check my aircast and made me tape it to make it "legal". Nor was I a flyer. But I'm wonder if this has happened to anyone else? I know those Donjoy's are much bulkier and do more damage than an aircast. Or was it the fact that it was labeled as a cast and not a brace.

Help a girl out. I can't wrap my head around a flyer with a DonJoy being less of a safety issue then a base with gel padded air cast.
Well I know when I was having a lot of joint/cartilidge problems in my knee after a recent dislocation, I had to have my brace checked out by an NCA staff member to make sure it was okay. I had a soft brace with the gel and whatnot. Probably not a usual thing, but that one camp wanted to make sure it was not a hard brace for safety reasons.

This could be because I was a base then, and I know from expierience sometimes the flyer's back touches your knee. This should NOT happen (obviously) but it has a couple times to me. Maybe they were looking out for that!
Interesting question. My daughter wears one of those braces and she is a flyer. She dislocated her kneecap last summer so she wears it to hopefully prevent another dislocation. Hope it isn't going to be a problem at any competitions. It hasn't been yet.
Two years ago at worlds one of my CP's was backstage warming up and the USASF staff pulled her aside and told her unless they wrapped her donjoy brace that it would not be safe for her to compete. She was a base not a flyer, she said that all they did was put pre wrap and tape around the metal parts of the brace, I see where they are looking to make it more safe but in all honesty the tape did not do anything for it.
well , I hope this isn't a problem considering I wear a DonJoy brace.. But , last year if you look at a lot of teams at worlds , they have at.east one girl on each team with this type of brace on them.. Heck Pittsburgh Superstarsbeven had a girl in a boot that competed and everything..
I know a lot of people wear them. Heck, I used to. I had to have mine taped and whatnot. I remember the damage and bruising and everything it did to my other leg. I couldn't even imagine basing a flyer wearing one. Especially a flyer doing switch ups and kick doubles. I know I've had a flyer with a hinged neoprine. Those too are not pleasant. At least not where the hinge is...or the stench if they don't wash it...

But I still don't have an exact answer. Maybe ACEDAD ???
It certainly not an exact answer, but USASF rules state that casts that are hard and unyielding must be appropriately covered with padded material. I would imagine that the metal donjoy brace (my husband has one :) would require some padding. Don Joy makes a padded sleeve to go over the brace. I've also seen girls with what appears to be decoration on theirs, but up close it looks like thin neoprene strips over the metal to provide protection from potential gashing of others who might come in contact.
Have the $20.00 sleeve might be better safe than sorry.

Casts that are hard and unyielding or have rough edges must be appropriately covered with a padded material. Clarification: The appropriately padded material must be such that it protects both the athlete and fellow athletes from injury.
The girl from FIERCE with the epic bedazzled DonJoy brace competed with it not wrapped. She flew a kick double and an extension too...
The girl from FIERCE with the epic bedazzled DonJoy brace competed with it not wrapped. She flew a kick double and an extension too...

I can't defend or explain an EP that doesn't enforce the rules.
i have ligament damage in my foot/ankle and im in a boot (the knee high one). i still was competing but didn't think i could in a boot so i warmed up with it on and no one said anything to me or my coach. also a team that competed right before us had a girl compete with a boot on. but no one made her cover anything on it and no one said anything to me for warming up with one on.
Is there somewhere to see the Dallas rules on this? I know they are crazy on safety like hair ties around the wrist and weird things like that. What braces do they allow?