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Mar 2, 2014
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The more I think about it, the more I believe that if it was a naked woman he’d pulled out of bed and tossed off a bridge, the more seriously gyms might take this. Or maybe they wouldn’t; IDK.

There is actually hard data to support the fact that domestic violence in LGBTQ+ relationships is underreported to law enforcement because police tend to view it more as “Roommate issue type things” than an actual serious domestic violence situation. As in if they respond to a man’s report of partner violence from a same-sex partner, it’s more of a “Can one of y’all just leave for the night and come back in the morning?” response. It’s treated almost as if it’s two girls in an argument and being dramatic. Not a serious situation in which people can get injured or killed. They’re less likely to call police because they feel like the police do not respond to it as a serious incident and no one is going to protect them.

It would not surprise me if the public/gym owners view it the same way. Like “oh my gosh no big deal just a spat between friends.”

There’s also an optics issue here as well. Generally speaking the public is not incensed by an attempted murder between two gentlemen. Now, put a pretty blonde in that spot and public outrage ensues.

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