High School Brooke High School Cheering 2010

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Absolutely amazing!!! they stunt like crazy!!! and they are flawless!!!!!
i just dont understand why West Virginia still competes on a gym floor!! just not safe....
Amazing... but I just can't get past the whole reason for not using mats. What is the reasoning?
It's a lil odd that the state of Virginia doesn't allow them to go out of state to compete like go to FL (maybe for safety reason) but allow them to perform without mats. LOL. :)
Great as usual but I had to shut it off after the opening because I was cringing at the use of the gym floor
I wish WV let schools compete out of state and made the rules a little less strict. Brooke is like at the level where they could win NCA possibly? idk maybe top 3. It's rediculous for teams like this to not compete in competitions like that.
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