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Jan 5, 2011
How long is your camp? Is it an overnight or day camp? Is it just choreography or do you do team building- if so what do yall do for bonding?
Ours is a 4-day overnight camp. We do stunting, tumbling, conditioning, and learn our dance (the rest of choreography is done after camp). We have activities every night for bonding - bowling, swimming, games, etc., we eat all our meals together, hang out in each others' rooms when we're not busy, and since we're essentially living together for those 4 days bonding just kind of happens by itself too.
we don't really call it camp, we just call it choreography and its usually a week in the middle of summer and our choreographer makes it up and then we just run it and then we condition our tumbling and stunts too the last couple days
We have a stunting instructor that comes at the end of June/beginning of July that teaches us pyramids and load ins and dismounts from partner stunts. Each team works with him 3 times for about 4 hours each. Then at th eend of July/beginning of August our choreographer comes and each team gets 2 days with him, usually about 12 hours total. At the end of the summer there is an optional weekend-long sleep away camp that we stunt and tumble at and do all kinds of bonding activities.
at my gym we went to the was called choreography camp..there for 2 days and 1 night...we started our routine but in between we had challenges/bonding games! we got broken into groups headed down to the beach, and did our challenges! it was really fun!! also we learned some of our routine down at the beach! we all made a cheer floor out of sea weed! lol but at night we went into town and had a scavenger hunt for bonding but we stayed on our groups so it was also challenges! at the last day before we were done the coaches had kept tab to how many points and announced a group winner! we usually got a huge bag full of candy!

it was extra fun if you were on multiple teams because you got to stay longer and had extra fun!
At my gym we have in house camp during the summer so we have Choreography Camp for two days from 8:30 to 2:30 and the same thing for Pyramid and Dance Camp!!! And while were their we play bunches of fun and exciting games for our teams to bond together :)