All-Star Candy Loading Before Competing.....

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Dec 14, 2009
Saw this weekend and was just wondering what the public consensus was...
Cp came up to the stands after competing just in time to see a youth team come screaming out of the stage entrance, they were out of control and I mentioned to the mom next to me "It looks like some poured a pixie stick in their mouth before coming out..." Cp tells me that yes...during warm ups their coach lined up the team and went down the row dumping a stick in each kids mouth! On the one hand that team had great energy but later another team that cp said did the same thing was dragging around the floor like maybe they got their sugar to early and now it was burning off....
So sugar loading kids? Yay or ney?
I say give my kid an apple please....
I know many teams that have traditions of pixie sticks before competing in warm ups, some do redbull shots, and some prefer to go the healthier route and eat bananas or fruit; I've seen a wide range. Personally, I am not the type of person who gets sugar rushes or all "hyped" up after an energy drink so I don't really see the point. However, it seems more like a tradition to me than anything else; possibly even a superstition for some teams. SO if its just a one pixie stick I don't think it will kill them if they have the idea that the pixie stick will really help them win so be it. Now if they are dumping 5 or 10 down before, that's just not healthy and you would think might even make them sick after performing. I guess I would not be able to say ney or yay without more specific information individualized to each teams "load".
Our team moms gave us gatorade, which in my opinion was a GREAT idea. Always gives you energy when you need it!
The pixy stick thing works too, but you have to load yourself on sugar in warmups, other wise you will crash!
I've had Red Bull once (not for cheer, just needed it on a long drive). I would definitely NEVER drink one before competing. It gave me the jitters, so I would be unsafe.
I am not a fan of pixie sticks before competing. To be honest, it makes me feel like im going to throw up. I will however snack on Planters "NUTrition energy mix. For drinks, I switch between water and gatorade. It was one of those Mr. Kevin tips and it works amazingly for me.
Our team moms gave us gatorade, which in my opinion was a GREAT idea. Always gives you energy when you need it!
The pixy stick thing works too, but you have to load yourself on sugar in warmups, other wise you will crash!

Off topic but I saw your team compete in Atlantic City. You guys were really good and had great energy! Good luck this season
my team does pixi sticks before we compete but it is like while the team before us is on. it actually helps and has grown to be a team superstition. please under stand ONLY our small senior 5 does the pixi sticks thing. i dont think youth kids should be loaded with sugar before they compete, but with senior level 5 kids i think one or two pixi sticks is fine! it sure helps me get through the routine:)
I say nay. I give my daughter healthy snacks and water prior to competiting. That will sustain her much longer than processed sugars
A couple of years of my daughters teams had honey sticks....all natural, offered the sugar that was needed......they loved them!
My teams do the pixie stick thing but not an entire stick lol. The coaches will go down the line and pour a little onto their tounges. The girls love the candy and it sort of gets them excited, lol. What 6 year old doesn't love candy?
IMO candy, fruit, gatorade are nutritional decisions

Energy drinks contain the same caffein as 1-3 cups of coffee, plus many include herbal supplements, guarana (a source of caffeine), and taurine (an amino acid thought to enhance performance).

There are lots of health websites that suggest they are VERY bad for kids, especially if they are going to participate in high-intensity activity. In NC kids as young as 12 have had heart attacks drinking red bulls and playing soccer. They are now banned from playing fields and kids won't be allowed to participate if they are seen with one.
So, about this Pixie Stick hype.

My friend UFO mom and I had our first Pixie Sticks at Jamfest Supernationals. It was Sunday, we were in Arena B, and had been there most of the day. We were there for every single level 5 team on Saturday. We were fading fast.

The person in front of us had Pixie sticks and we had one. OMG, it sure woke me up! Those things really do work.