Car Decorations?

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Cheer Parent
Dec 16, 2010
Any advice for a newbie mom? We're taking our first long road trip....10+hrs. What window paint/chalk (or whatever it is) works best? Is there a kind to stay away from? I want the car to still be decorated by the time we get there...but I also want the stuff off before next season's try outs :)
If the trip is that long, i suggest you wait until your last gas/rest stop break and then decorate the car. You may even want to hit the car wash, and get the 'Dead Bugs' off the windshield! LOL
I can't say what is best to use, but wash it off soon after getting home, don't let it sit for days because it makes it much harder to get off.
Don't do your back window. I received a nice ticket from a southern state.