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Sep 5, 2010
So I am sitting in my intro to business class and the instructor just caught me on the fierceboard. He tried to read all of the threads and figure out the cheer lingo, but it didn't work. What are your thoughts on others getting involved in all star cheer?
Whenever I try to explain cheer to my friends or talk about cheer to my friends and they don't get it I just say nod your head and act like you know what I'm talking about and just keep talking lol :)
Honestly i feel like we're an elite few. If cheerleading became as popular as football then i think i wouldn't like it as much because it would be more controversial and less about talent and enjoyment. Those who are involved in the cheerleading world are here because of the passion they get from this sport therefore making us unique. You can try to explain cheerleading to someone on the outside but they will never get the full feeling until they've exprienced it (ex. creeping on teams on youtube, at least 20% of your ipod is cheer music, saying voice overs at random times, or running from arena to arena trying to catch all the teams.)
When I am talking about the board and people say 'what the heck is a fierce board'? I get deeply offended. Especially when it's a cheerleader. They should all know this. Lol, but I don't even begin to describe it to people, like my mom or outside cheer friends.
I started cheering all-stars when I was 13. I'm almost 22 now and I've been working with an event producer in the midwes for the past few years. Most of my best friends have never been involved with cheer and, even though I've known them for years, I still don't think any of them REALLY understand what all-star cheerleading is. I have the hardest time trying to explain what my job is when talking to non-cheer people... I've gotten tired of trying to explain what all-stars is and how they compete. I've just cut it down to, "I work for a company that produces fancy cheerleading competitions for club cheerleaders."