All-Star Cea Coed Elite Worlds Music - Live It, Learn It, Love It! Enjoy!

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LOVE IT!!! Especially since they have Jesse J in it. This mix has the same hunger/fierceness that last years sr. elite music had.

thank you! fierceness was the word i was looking for. ironic since we're on the fierceboard and i couldn't remember hahha I the only one that is so technologically behind that I can't figure out how to download things off of cheerlibrary?
I have officially gotten nothing done except listen to it on repeat and 400 times and cry.. The world may never fully know what these kids have overcome.. This music tells that story..
JR is a genius he continues to reinvent himself .. This mix technically is in a league of it's own. He could settle for being the best and just keeps on setting a new higher standard.. What an honor..
Two extremes.. same goal, same scheme, same ambition achieve the SAME DREAM