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  1. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star 🌎 CHEER NEWS: Only 2 Large Coed teams left, lawsuit against the USASF & this team is BACK!

    Who could guess we would be reporting on a new lawsuit this week? If you’ve been following us for a while, you’re probably as unsurprised as we are… However, that’s not all! Keep reading for a large coed dilemma, a comeback we’re SO excited for & a confirmation that our “team of the week“ is...
  2. T

    All-Star It’s sad only seeing two teams remaining in large coed 6

    I honestly never would have thought that large coed would eventually dwindle down to only two teams. I can remember when my older cousin competed senio large coed there were approximately 10 plus teams.
  3. E

    College Will Co-ed Stunting Help Make Me A Better Group Flyer?

    i had my first COED stunt clinic yesterday (my second is tomorrow). my college team is CO-ED but they haven't put CO-ED stunts in the routine in years, i'm unsure why. i really love CO-ED stunting, it's been a blast. i was able to get an assisted toss to hands by the end of the one hour clinic...
  4. Kentucky Girl

    High School Is It Easier To Make The Transition To A High School Coed Squad To A College Coed Squad?

    I noticed that many cheerleaders from Kentucky and UCF came from coed high school squads such as Graves County and Bartow.
  5. Kentucky Girl

    College Colleges That Do Not Have An All-girl Squad

    Off the top of my head, the ones that I can think of are: Kentucky Tennessee Auburn LSU Washington State UCF Michigan State Kansas Pittsburg State Any others that you can think of?
  6. Kolleen

    High School Recruiting Male Athletes

    Hi all, We have one male athlete right now, but we would love to gain more and work towards true coed style stunting and a coed-style team. Does anyone have any tips on recruiting male athletes? Or even just in general? I recently took over a new school and we have 10 athletes, i'd love to get...
  7. Kentucky Girl

    High School Why Aren't There Many Male High School Cheerleaders?

    I know that teams such as Graves County, Bartow, Dyer County, Lewisville, Sun Prairie and Owensboro have male cheerleaders on their teams but the likes of Dunbar, Bob Jones and Houston do not. Thoughts?
  8. S

    Voiceover Ideas?

    We are a new gym, this will be our first year competing with a 4.2 team. This team is coed and our gym name is High Kaliber; their team name is the Snipers. We are located in the mountains in western Colorado.. they are awesome, we just need help thinking of voiceovers for our comp. music. :)
  9. Kentucky Girl

    College Making The Transition To College Cheerleading

    For the most part, high school and all-star cheerleaders from coed squads generally have a much easier transition to cheering on a coed collegiate squad while high school and all-star cheerleaders from all-girl squads tend to cheer on an all-girl squad in college (though there are several who...
  10. *Becky*Stars*

    All-Star Coed/dual Base 1.5 Ups

    Hi, I am looking for different grips coed like to use to do a 1.5 up to stretch? So 2 people basing. I have the general one where main tosses the stunt and side has toe and spins. I also have flyer makes a L shape with feet (right foot pointing to the right). 1 Base has right hand on toe...
  11. J

    Level 3 Coed

    Our groups were having trouble with the traditional walk in entry to the coed stunt and we created a different way to load in. Will they still receive credit for the stunt or does it have to be only walk in or toss to hands? Thank you. So many rules!
  12. DePaulCheer

    College Cheer Tryouts

    DePaul University Competitive Cheer Team Tryouts 2016-2017 Season Sunday June 5, 2016 McGrath Phillips Arena 2323 N. Sheffield Ave Chicago, IL Check-in: 8:00 AM CST For more details about tryouts OR questions on our program please email us today. Follow Us: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook...
  13. Allen

    Have You Every Try To Do A Toss Extension For 24 Times?

    Have you every try to do a toss extension for 24 times? and count the time, and compete on internet? Just try to take a video, and share with us !! Just x 24 Click "Like" for our page → CheerFit
  14. ABU Cheerleading

    College Cheer Roster Openings

    Alderson Broaddus University has a few spots left on our roster for the 2016-2017 school year! Collegiate Competitive Coed Located in Philippi, WV (two hours south of Pittsburgh, PA) Requirements- Standing BHS/ tuck RO BHS Basing or flying experience Must meet University admissions...
  15. Deshakayy

    Is 20 Too Old For All Star?

    Hello my name is Desha! I'm 20 and a college student I've always wanted to be involved with all star cheer but could never afford it growing up, so now that I'm an adult and most of my schooling is currently paid for I've decided to venture out and live life with no regrets I found an ioc5 team...
  16. N

    All-Star Looking For Gyms In Florida!

    Hey everyone! Im pretty new at this so forgive me if I do anything wrong :) Anyways, I'm looking for a new gym in Central Florida that offers private stunting lessons. Preferably no more than an hour from the Orlando area. I only know of two that offer private stunting lessons, which are Topgun...