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  1. Kentucky Girl

    High School Should UDA and NDA have separate coed and all-girl divisions?

    Considering that coed dance teams are on the raise?
  2. P

    College Coed ONLY Teams?

    Soooo I've been looking at college cheer programs, and ALOT of them are strictly coed, no AG groups, every girl must be a flyer. Why's that? I honestly find it so unfair because I want to be able to cheer in college, but I'm definitely no flyer. I am a base/backspot, so I definitely can't fly...
  3. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star NEWS: Cheer Athletics Austin faces backlash, new Large Coed team & more 🗞️

    Cheer Athletics Austin faces backlash for hiring choreographer Cheer Athletics’ Austin gym location is facing backlash after hiring choreographer Brandon Hale in the past week. For some context, Hale was involved in this lawsuit that we reported on, amongst other accusations: Hale was put on...
  4. C

    Top Teams at NCA Nationals 2023: Coed Level 6 Divisions

  5. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star 🌎 CHEER NEWS: Only 2 Large Coed teams left, lawsuit against the USASF & this team is BACK!

    Who could guess we would be reporting on a new lawsuit this week? If you’ve been following us for a while, you’re probably as unsurprised as we are… However, that’s not all! Keep reading for a large coed dilemma, a comeback we’re SO excited for & a confirmation that our “team of the week“ is...
  6. T

    All-Star It’s sad only seeing two teams remaining in large coed 6

    I honestly never would have thought that large coed would eventually dwindle down to only two teams. I can remember when my older cousin competed senio large coed there were approximately 10 plus teams.
  7. Kentucky Girl

    High School How common are high school and college coed dance teams?

    They used to be pretty uncommon.
  8. C

    All-Star Global Coed

    I'm realizing there's potentially a lot of powerhouse gyms in Global Coed this year. Cheer Athletics - Crewcats Cali - Smoed Stingrays - Electric Top Gun - Gloc6 GymTyme - Platinum? (not 100% sure this is a team this year but they've fielded it before) Could be exciting! Not sure who else is...
  9. 4D3CHEER!

    All-Star Large Coed and Large All Girl

    Is it true that now Large Coed only has 3 teams? TGLC, Cheetahs and Steel and does Large All Girl also only have 4 teams? Panthers, WCSS, SE and Orange It seems that F5 is still in Medium Senior 6 :( I missed seeing them in Large. It also feels impossible to see Coed Elite and Cali Coed are in...
  10. E

    College Will Co-ed Stunting Help Make Me A Better Group Flyer?

    i had my first COED stunt clinic yesterday (my second is tomorrow). my college team is CO-ED but they haven't put CO-ED stunts in the routine in years, i'm unsure why. i really love CO-ED stunting, it's been a blast. i was able to get an assisted toss to hands by the end of the one hour clinic...
  11. Kentucky Girl

    High School Is It Easier To Make The Transition To A High School Coed Squad To A College Coed Squad?

    I noticed that many cheerleaders from Kentucky and UCF came from coed high school squads such as Graves County and Bartow.
  12. Sterling von Shimmer

    All-Star The Transition Of Lower To Upper Level Coed Skills

    I’m sorry this isn’t as well-researched as it should be, but lately I was wondering why a gym like CEA that is brimming with talented male athletes in the lower divisions doesn’t have as much of a presence in the coed divisions at Worlds. I know Coed Elite got third in the medium division last...
  13. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star How Common Are Coed Dance Teams?

    Most high school and college dance teams tend to be all-female as opposed to numerous cheerleading squads which consist of both males and females. Thoughts?
  14. Kentucky Girl

    High School Why Are Coed Squads Rare In High School?

    There are many great coed high school squads that do collegiate-like routines such as Graves County, Bartow, Lewisville, Dyer County and many others but for the most part, coed high school squads are a rarity compared to college. Thoughts?
  15. dat.jpp

    All-Star Senior Open Coed 5 Athlete Needed

    Hey guys!!!! State Allstars (sr open coed 5) is in need of an athlete that has level 4 or 5 stunting skills & level 5 tumbling skills (jump to tuck, double hand spring full, & a specialty thru to full). A backspot or base is preferred. If your interested in checking us out, email my coaches at...
  16. RileyElizabeth99

    College Coed Stunting

    Currently my college squad is between coaches right now so we will probably not be having a camp this summer so a few of our coed pairs are planning on getting together to work on some stunts within the next few weeks at an all star gym. We have improved drastically as a team with our coed...
  17. Keep_Believing

    All-Star Coed Stunting Expectations At Tryouts?

    I am posting here because hardly anyone looks at or replies to the Collge section. What CoEd stunting skills do Coaches expect to see at tryouts? Which skills are impressive? Do Coaches expect athletes to come in with the difficult College baskets? If so, any advice for learning these prior to...
  18. C

    High School Game Day Division - Coed

    Can anyone lend some advice for UCA's Game Day Division for a coed squad? From what I'm reading, there is no stunting (or even tumbling) allowed in the band dance section and only up to 3-8 counts in the fight song portion. What exactly are the guys supposed to do during those parts then...
  19. C

    High School Nca Vs Uca Coed Stunting

    So obviously we all see that NCA and UCA college nationals both put heavy emphasis on true coed stunting that is a basic requirement to score well in their coed divisions, but correct if i'm off or way off but i've never seen true coed stunting done in NCA HS nationals or nothing more than...
  20. Lena

    All-Star Wasn't Cea Cougars Coed At First In 2016/17 Season?

    Wasn't CEA Cougars coed at first in 2016/17 season? I know they're now but wasn't it the same last season or do I mix something up? :D Idk where to look that up so if anyone knows please tell me :)