All-Star Cheer America Nationals! Friday Jan 28-sunday Jan 30th

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Cheer America is this weekend in Houston TX!

Programs attending!

Cheer Athletics
Spirit of Texas
Texas Cheer
Tribe Cheer

There are 2 full paid bids 4 atlarge!

Teams I think are currently in the run for the two full paid bids.

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
Tribe Chiefs
Spirit of Texas International Open Coed
Cheer Athletics Fiercekatz
Texas Cheer Red

Lots of contenders! This is going to be a great Competition! :)
In the running for bids you can't count out Generals or Maverick. Maverick took a paid bid at this comp last year.
Looking forward to seeing SOT, CA and Tribe this weekend. Oh and Pro Spirit too, they are always fun to watch.
Good Luck to everyone this weekend especially our Woodlands Elite Generals on getting a paid bid. Generals you ladies can do this. You have a great routine so work it and rock the mat. Colonels do what you do everytime you hit the mat. ROCK IT. You ladies are superstars. Looking forward to seeing Cheer Athletics and Spirit of Texas. Yall are always so fun to watch and awesome. Good Luck Co-Red. The pressure is off so just entertain us all again with a spectacular performance. Now my only complaint is why in the world on Sun does the Jr 5 teams go at 1248 then level 4 awards then level 5 starts 2 ish with awards at 640. That is just crazy. Long day for Colonels, Jags and One Spirit. To those who have never been to Reliant it is very pricey on food and drinks. 10.00 to park with no in and out so if you leave and come back plan on paying 10.00 to park again. PS there really is nothing to do around Reliant either. Anyway, Good Luck everyone. It will be a great weekend for all of us. Everyone traveling to Houston, be safe and Welcome to Houston.
I don't know. I would think so but I dont think anyone looks at section on FB to find this link. I personally always go to allstar to see what is going on and saw it was moved here. Does that make sense? LOL, I hope so. Thats why no one talking about Cheer America and big names performing. Woodlands Elite, Texas, Cheer Athletics, Spirit of Texas, Pro-Spirit.
Good luck to all this weekend! Looks like it's going to be an awesome competition. Will anyone be tweeting updates?
Not open for further replies.