Cheer Camps - Woodward, Igc Or Local?

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Cheer Parent
May 6, 2011
Do you plan on going to a cheer camp this summer? How do you decide where you want to go? Do you think the different styles of coaching are beneficial or do you feel like you have to re-learn your gym's style when you get back home?
IGC is more of a gymnastics based camp. When i was in gymnastics last summer i bunked with two all stars girl there for solely tumbling help and they were misrible. Though they had layouts and fulls, they were placed in lower skilled workout groups because there other skills-gymnastics wise- were almost none exsistant. They weren't able to work fulls or doubles because there group only had backhandsprings or tucks. IGC places you in groups according to your skill level in every area of gymnastics, not just floor(tumbling). I'd go with a more cheer friendly place, like woodward or a cheer camp local to you.:)
I always wanted to go to Woodward! One of my friends went their last summer and she learned so much and she says its really fun :)
I've heard great things about woodward but with Allstar bills no way we could afford it but really wish I could..she deserves to have a chance to go maybe another year it will be possible..If you have a chance to go you should.