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Off Topic
Mar 26, 2011
Hi fierce boarders.

I'm now helping to coach the Mini team at my Cheer gym. We re planning on entering a Mini Solo routine and you have to hve a cheer/chant as part of the routine. Does anyone have/know any chants/cheers suitbale for Mini's? Our team is called Falcons, Yellow/Black/White

Thanks in advance :)
Across the Nation
The Yellow white and black
Mini Falcons
Clap Clap Clap
Will attack!!

Mini Flacons
The Yellow Black and White
The best of the best
clap clap
That's right.
Aww I like them :) I'll definately try them on Sunday to see which she can do the best :) - thanks
Hey I'm the one you want to see
Now I'm grown-up
And now I'm a mini

Get Ready
The best is yet to come
I'm learning and working
To be number one