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Dec 5, 2010
Who do you look up to the most in cheerleading?

For me its been kelsey rule since 2006. I remember seeing her compete for starlites at spirit festival and ever since then i've wanted to be as good as her. Also when she sprinted at worlds 2007 from her whip double to her kick double basket. I really look up to her as well as toni bronishevsky there some of the most talented/ nicest girls i've met.

Some others i look up to is tiffany manhart (one of my coaches), toni ann yuli, and kiara nowlin

These people have inspired me to be a better cheerleader <3
kelsey rule, jessica betar, juliet mccreary and erica englebert are all mine but my idol/inspiration with everything is whitney love she is one of the nicest cheerleaders i have met shes always so positive and its just so inspirational and she has amazing tumbling! :)
  • Carly Manning- She's such an amazing flier and tumbler! I've loved her since I saw her "The Search" video.
  • Hope Bravo- Words can't describe thiis girl.<3
  • Jon Davenport- Haha, Jon is so sweet. And also a cutiiie.(;
  • Alot others.:) Just had to get my CA girlls & boy inn.<3
whitney love-kentucky allstars
gabi butler-top gun allstars (semi limited)
juliet mccreary-CEA sr elite
and alottt of the guys on top gun that can tumble like amazingly times a million. seriously when they tumble it leaves me speechless and their jumps:D haha
I'm not sure she's my daughter's "idol", but when we first started doing cheer individuals, we did a you tube search for "mini cheer individual" and watched an 8-year old girl bust out tumbling passes only a handful of girls in our entire program can do. And I swear, my daughter has watched that video about a hundred times, even though she tries to play it cool.

But most of my daughter's idols are the girls on our senior teams who she looks up to and aspires to be like, which is pretty awesome.
My idol in general is my daughter. Her hard work and determination shows not only in her accomplishments in cheer but in her school participation/grades and community involvement. I am in awe of her and every athlete that can juggle successfully athleticism, schooling and community involvement. Hats off to you....
Carly Wheeler- last pass on Woodlands Elite Colonels j5. AMAZING cheerleader all around, jealous of her talent at such a young age. Also Whitney Love, Kelsey Rule, and many others. So much talent in the cheer world lol