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Mar 24, 2010
I'm searching but I can't find a place to pay the 10.00 a day to watch. Do we have to wait until tomorrow to pay or is it just me and I'm not looking in the right place?
I briefly looked at it the other day too and saw that is says live. To anyone who purchased last year, will you be able to go back and watch teams you missed right away or is it strictly live?

BT I didn't find anyplace where you could go ahead and purchase either so maybe later on today or tomorrow????
I believe you can purchase just the day of. There is a CheerLive user on here. If you have questions please post them on their 'wall'. That way we dont all ask the same question 50 times.
im watching the practice rounds right now.

Fca goes on at 8:36
f5 goes on at 9:20
Sr elite goes on at 10:44
is anyone else watching it now and having trouble viewing it larger than a quarter of the box?
Do you have to pay to watch the practices tonight?
i swear this practice round better be included in tomorrows price. i swear if i have to pay again for tomorrow ill go insane.