All-Star ❌ CHEER NEWS: The “House of Cheer“ tour is postponed (+ lawsuits)

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Sep 12, 2020

The “House of Cheer“ tour is postponed & possibly canceled

We’ve been talking about the “House of Cheer“ tour a lot, like when it was first announced and when the tour locations were revealed.

Recently, everything has been going completely downhill… 📉

At the beginning of this month, we reported on the lawsuit against Navarro Cheer and its coach, Monica Aldama who was going to be a part of the tour.

Just last week, both Monica and the tour itself were involved in another lawsuit which you can read about here in our newsletter.

It has now been confirmed by the tour's official accounts that it has been postponed, with hopes of rescheduling it in the future:

Ticket websites list the tour as “canceled”, but that could just be for those specific shows, and could still mean the tour will be resumed in the future. Maybe it will be fully canceled in the future? Who knows? What do you think? Share below!

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