Cheer Squads In Spanish Speaking Countries

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Nov 26, 2010
I want to study abroad and think that it would be the absolutely most coolest thing in the world to get to cheer in the country that I am studying in as well. I want to go to a spanish speaking country because I am majoring in spanish and was wondering if anyone was a cheerleader in a spanish speaking country and could tell me how you do try-outs and seasons and what not.
a friend of mine is mexican, he's now studying in france and used to cheer while in mexico. shall i ask him to contact you?

or maybe contact one of the teams in the country you are planning to go to and they can help you with more information
There's cheerleading all over Latin America so take your pick...Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and as said before Mexico....many will be at worlds this year....I have friends at some of the national federations in South if you need any names...
Try contacting Americheer or looking up past yr results from their international comp. They always have quite a few teams there. Good Luck!
IASF Representative for Latin America: Victor Martinez [email protected]

Local Federations:
ADENPO Costa Rica: Walter Bolanos email [email protected] (
Cheer & Dance Colombia: Vladmir Castrillon Blanco email [email protected]
Asociacion de porrismo del Estado Bolivar (APEBOL) :[email protected]
Asociacion Nacional de Porristas de Mexico:
Asociacion Venezuelan de Porrismo (AVENPOR): [email protected]
Cheer and Dance Ecuador: [email protected]
Cheer Challenge Chile: [email protected]
Uniao Brasileira de Cheerleaders: [email protected]

How's that for starters??
we have a new girl in our team, she just moved here from guatemala, she's really good and so nice.

ok that's pretty random...
Does anyone know of teams in mainland SPAIN ?? I'm going abroad to Spain and would like to continue to cheer whilst there..any ideas ?
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