Cheer Wasn't Allowed At My High School Back In The Day. - Dancer

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Oct 10, 2019
So -full-disclosure - I'm not young. High school was about 16 years ago for me. When I was in high school some friends pulled out the old cheerleader outfits from storage at school and wanted to start a cheer team. They were told no, that it's not allowed and but that they could have a Spirit team where they sit in the stands with signs and stuff and cheer. So there was a "Spirit Team" for a while. I think the justification for no Cheer team was something to do with sexist stereotypes etc. (Maybe they had issues when there was a cheer team years before we were there..?? I don't know) Anyway, I danced all through high school and I still dance and now enjoy working with Cheerleaders in my work life. Anyway I'm glad that there has been a big shift in that thinking here. Most of the high schools here now have cheer teams, where none did 15 years ago. Cheer is being seen as a legitimate sport and cheerleaders are respected as athletes - for the most part- I mean there's always someone that has snippy comments, right?
Has anyone else seen that sort of change in their community? Do you see cheer growing in popularity and "legitimacy"?
Sometimes in the dance community I've hear snooty comments about Cheer, which I found surprising. Have you found dancers to be like that about cheer ever ? or is that just me whose heard some stuff.