All-Star Cheerlebrity Saved My Life This Weekend <3

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Agreed. They did a wonderful job.
Cheerlebrity was AMAZING. Pretty much accurate the whole time.

i was just to start a thread about this.

thank you cheerlebrity!!! and thank you also to sharkdad and acedad!! i loved everysingleone of your comments including the unfortunate throwup/tinkle/uniform mishaps from the first day ;). and acedad, i am really glad that you and yours are ok.

you all kept me informed and laughing and crying a little during this first year in four that i havent been to this great competition. hopefully i will be able to repay the favor next year!!
Cheerlebrity, acedad, sharkdad thank you! And to ALL of fierceboard for making my weekend sooooo much better! Cheer crack high--siiigghh
Thanks Cheerlebrity! Don't know what I would've done with out ya this weekend! Great updates all day, both days!
Cheerlebrity and @SharkDad did amazing! Thanks @Acedad for giving me the link to work twitter!!!! It was a life saver at my son's baseball game!
yes, i would say that cheerlebrity won the golden ring :D sharkdad, silver - perfect effort including only having a pretzel for dinner last night. acedad - bronze - your commentary was priceless.