All-Star Cheerlibrary Problem, Mac

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Oct 24, 2010
hey i have a mac and when i use safari i can get the music from cheerlibrary to download right into my itunes, but then when i try to put it on my ipod or my never works.
with my pc i used to "save link as" and then go to itunes and "add file to library" and then i could put the music anywhere...but with my mac it wont allow me to do this for some reason. ive tried using firefox as well which is what i used on my pc. does anyone know how to download the music properly into itunes using a mac?

Did you try instead of opening it with iTunes, clicking "Save File As". It's not that exact wording, but it's something similar.
i "save file as" and then i open itunes and the place i just saved the music too and then i just drag it from the download spot to the itunes playlist and then its there!

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