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Apr 8, 2010
Who made it? anyone know? if so pm me if its not supposed to be public

also the new update . any thoughts ?

i think think red font makes it hard to read the words
i like it
but i wish it was better organized some how
(like to find georgia all stars you may have to search for "GA" or "Georgia" or for CEA Sr Elite you may need to search "sr elite" "senior elite" "CEA" "Cheer Extreme")
not really a big deal because obviously that isnt that difficult just my opinion
I think it looks AWESOME! Great Job to the owner ;)

I never said it was bad .. I love it .. Just have change font color lol .. And it only searchs vids for me now anyone kno how to make it search audio also

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Don´t like the new style, u can´t see the whole name. in the old one you saw the full name and know what year it was.
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