All-Star Choreography?

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My CPs team has choreography the 1st week in August as they tried to accommodate vacations and other commitments but some teams in our gym start in 2 weeks.
My daughters mini team had hers two weeks ago. Her youth team has it starting this Friday. And most of our Jr and Sr Teams were and are this weekend!! I love this time of the season!!
We usually start in late Novemberish. and @Kris10boo that is an early start on choreo!! Where does your cp's cheer at?!?
Clarksville Cheer Extreme in Clarksville, TN we start performing in October!! We have a pretty big Jamfest Competition in November and a lot of the larger competitions January-March!
lol thats pretty normal?

november is kind of late. when do you compete?
My coaches kindof porcrastinate on choreo.....maybe well start earlier this year!!! i sure hope so becuase i loveeeee getting our routines! and we compete around november.

Eta: im such a dork.....i meant to say we start choreo around august/early september!!! lol :p
hopefully soon!!! i love coreography!!! right now were just working on routine elements
I am an in house choreographer, so each week I just add a little bit of the routines into the existing parts! It makes it easier for the kids to learn, and it allows the athletes to CORRECTLY learn the sections. We usually start the choreo part in the first week of July!!!