College Coed Vs. All-girl

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Mar 29, 2010
Hi, I am just hoping that some people will share their school's experience with their coed versus all-girl teams. I am specifically looking to know what games coed cheers for and which games all-girl cheers for in your program. I am also interested in how the squads are treated by the coach and any information you can give me just on whether the two teams are treated equally, etc.

Having some problems at our school (do not wish to specify which), and curious to get some feedback!
First year having an all girl team at Delaware.

Coed and All Girl cheer all home football games (Coed does away football games/ All Girl does one away football game)
Both Coed and All Girl share the schedule for mens and womens basketball games and volleyball games. (Split evenly among the 2 squads)
At the University of Houston Both Squads Cheer at Home Games and we Send small Groups from Both Squads to away game. and we both cheer at Men's and Womens Basketball games.
University of Kentucky doesn't have an all-girl cheer team but it has two large coed squads. The Blue squad cheers at all football and men's basketball home games and tournaments while the white squad cheers at home football games, women's basketball home games and tournaments, and home volleyball games.
I cheered for both the coed team and the all girl team while I was in college. I feel I have a pretty good inside perspective from my school just because I was on both. Coed team cheered all football and mens basketball. All girl cheered all football and womens basketball. Football games we alternated the part of the field we were on and every 3rd quarter we all cheered together. For camp/pep rallies/public events we combined as one large team. Occasionally we would do a volleyball game and it was a mixture of random people from both teams that could be there. We practiced together, but apart (if that makes any sense!) Our coach definitely favored the coed team a little more. The odd part is that my last two years all girl was the more talented team of the two, but to our coach the coed team was the most important. Since then there is a new coach and she got rid of the coed program all together and has taken the team down to a high school level squad. Sad to see, but thats a different story for a different day!