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How long does it usually take you to get to practice?

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May 9, 2010
I'm curious as to the average time it takes people to get to practice. How long does it usually take you/your cp?
It takes me an hour and 20 minutes now. But when I'm in Maine it takes 4 hours....I used to do 3 hours there and back twice a week.
it takes me exactly an hour to get to practise, but only because i have to go by train
If i went by car then it would take me 20 Minutes
I only live about 30 miles from my gym, but depending on traffic and how many kids I have to pick up, I usually leave 2 hours before.
45 minutes to get to the gym I coach - that's with an average amount of traffic near the Orlando/Winter Park area. With heavy traffic, takes an hour easily.
It takes me 15-20 minutes depending on whether or not I'm following the speed limit to a T.

HA! I need to show my mom this thread...before i could drive she complained about driving me "so far" three times a week.
My old gym was about 20 minutes away but my current gym is about 45 minutes (give or take a little depending on how fast my mom drives(;)
Most people on my team live over an hour away. I was lucky when I joined the team that I have always lived within 45 minutes of the gym.