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Oct 19, 2010
I thought there was a thread for this, but i cannot seem to find it. Anywho, what do you all put in your bags for competitions? Im having a serious problem packing my bag for tomorrow haha
always tape and prewrap because you never know when you're gonna need it.
bobby pins/makeup/hair curler or straightener
obviously your uniform
extra money just in case
a few granola bars/a couple bottles of water
sweatpants/hoodie depending on what your gym's rule for uniforms after competing is
camera and phone
extra hairties always come in handy

usually our team mom has this stuff but you can pack this too:
extra bows
extra bloomers
band aids/first aid kit
sewing kit
icy hot or something similar

hope this helps! :)
i like to bring my dinosaurs. not kidding :|
i believe the real question is, who doesn't bring their dinousars?

i need to pack my comp bag since i have a comp tomorrow but normally...
in my bag:
-healthy snack, and lots of water
-make up, make up brushes, make up remover
-hair brush, hairspray, hairties
-homework, or a book if it's a long competition
-ipod, cell phone, camera
-aspirin, always!
-comp. schedule
I always pack alot.

-hairties/bobby pins
-warm ups/tshirt
-baggies for jewelry
-comp schedule
-feminine products
-tide to go
-flip flops
-cell phone

and i'm diabetic so i always have everything i need for that too. But i never realized i carried so much, and i don't even think i listed it all, haha! :p
I bring...
-full uniform
-comb Or brush
-any braces or wraps I need at the time
-hair ties
-hair clips
-Tide to go stick
-feminine products
My cheer bag is always overflowing. At our competition this weekend it literally exploded on the stage after awards.. can you say embarrassing..

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