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Jan 2, 2011
How do people fix their hair at competition? Over here (Sweden) we HAVE to tie or braid up all of our hair, if its longer than shoulder-length. So we compete with a LOT of braids ;)

How do you fix your hair? =D
at our gym, if you have short hair thats long enough to put in a ponytail, its in a pony tail and starightened. if you have long hair, its in a ponytail and curled. and if your hair is too short for a pont tail, its half up half down :)
I have short hair so half up half down with braided bangs and everybody else does braided bangs and all up curley pony
girls with short hair = half up half down
girls with long enough hair = all up in a straight ponytail!
Hair all up in pony no poof unless your hair is too short. If we do good on day one then as a treat she sometimes will allow us to wear our hair half up curled.
The best hairstyle for cheer IMO is when hair is in loose curls half up half down with a poof in front, bow right on top of the head, with no stray hairs flying everywhere. It's pretty and classy!
Last year it was half up half down straight , then this year we switched to high straight ponys, i was really upset at first but watching the performance it looks sooooooo much cleaner and together, no hair in the face and everywhere, just up and clean looking.
personally, i like high straight ponys with a poof. that's my favorite way to have my hair...half up half down it gets in my face, and my hair is pretty long so i'm always scared i'm going to end up putting my hand on it while i'm tumbling and either slip or rip half of my hair out of my head.
and my hair doesn't hold a curl. to save my life. i could probably legit curl it the second before i go to warm ups, and by the time i hit the floor it'll already be straight again.
We do curly ponies with a poof but I gave up on the poof and just put the pony so high you can't tell she doesn't have one! I put her hair up the night before and roll it with sponge rollers and papers.
We go half up half down curls!


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