Competition November 20, 2011

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Aug 9, 2011
Deborah Hospital Foundation will be hosting a Cheerleading Competition on 11-20-11 at Lenape High School in Medford, NJ. All proceeds will benefit patients with heart, lung and vascular problems at Deborah Heart and Lung Center. There will be a scholarship competition for high school juniors and seniors, visit for more information (click on events).
this sounds like a really good idea; i wish i could compete in this but my all star team doesn't start competing until December, & i don't know if my high school team will be competing..but if we are i will definitely bring this up to them!
Thanks Sarah! This is a wonderful cause. Maybe your all-star team will use this as a warm-up for your competition season or maybe some girls/guys will try-out for the scholarship. Good luck this year!

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