Conditioning And Stretching For A New Cheerleader

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Cheer Parent
Aug 10, 2011
Hi all. My CP will be beginning a half season All Star program in Novemeber. She has danced since age 3, and this will be our first experience with all star cheer. She will have JUSTturned 8 when the season starts. She has a solid cartwheel and roundoof, and is just on the edge of going back into a backbend. Half season is for those with little to no experinece who want to get their feet wet. There is a possibility based on the makeup of past halfseason teams that she will be a good bit younger than the other member and be asked to fly. I am looking for some conditioning and stretching sequences for a beginner that will help her et ready for evals in November. She can almost go into a full straddle split, but doesn't have a standing heel stretch yet. Any help??
glad you like it. to look for more helpful tips on conditioning and stretching just type in "stretching for flyers" into google or "conditioning for flyers", pretty much anything like conditioning or stretching should come up! i hope your daughter does great and tell her to make sure she continues to condition and stretch!