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May 17, 2011
Does anyone have any core exercises besides the traditional sit ups/curl ups, that you've done and have actually worked to help tighten the core muscles?
Planks! On your elbows and just in push up position. Also look on fortheloveoftumbling.com. I do conditioning from there pretty much every day except practice days and I've noticed they've given me firmer/more visible abs as well as improved my tumbling.
Planks and pulse your legs, then to side ones.

Lay on you back, and have your legs as though as a sit up, then push your heels in the ground and raise your hips and squeeze your butt and pull your belly button in(not just sucking it in). Once that's easier for you, you can raise one leg at a time.
PLANKS! and 6 inches.
Also do layout drills alot because they use your core muscles plus they will help your tumbling:)
I sometimes do v-ups as well but you have to do them right for them to work
2 things:
1. P90X
2. fortheloveoftumbling.com

both have kept me extremely fit (especially right now since i cant tumble or stunt) and when i kept up with it consistently, i saw improvement in my stunting and tumbling, which, is a HUGE accomplishment for me, seeing as my tumbling has, and always will be, the definition of janky. though i warn you, P90X really is no walk in the park. it will make you work, sweat, feel the burn,the whole 9 yards. but its totally worth it.