All-Star Dedication To All Coaches With Teams At Cheersport And Nca

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I remember that episode!!!
Haha!! Awesome!! Sad that I asked a kid the other day if a boy looked like Screech, and she said "Who?" WOW I feel old!!
You think thats bad, I had a 17 year old ask what I was watching on the bus to a comp last week. When I told her it was back to the future she asked what that was! There where about 4 of them sitting across from me had no idea what I was talking about, I felt very old
OMG this is too weird and funny! Last night at practice our girls hit a new pyramid and one of the other coaches started yelling I'm so excited! and then broke into I'm so excited (in Jessie's voice) and then me and the other coach and her all said together "I'm so scared!" and all the girls looked at us like we had 10 heads and none of them knew what it was from. Such a coincidence that I logged on to fierceboard and there was a link to the episode! weirdd...
I remember this could replace pills with red bull...or coaches with Sr Elite
This could also be the reaction of a crazed fan who sprinted to the furthest arena only to be too late!
Oh, for the simpler days when a "message" show was about caffeine pills.
Not open for further replies.