All-Star Define "point" (flyer, Jumper, Etc)

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Mar 6, 2011
This may seem like a silly question, but it's bugging me to not know for sure.

So, the point position is front and center, correct? is that the only way it's used? meaning, is it possible that there is NO point person in a routine if the layout makes it that way? examples:

5 stunt groups, staggered so that two are in front, three towards the back: does that mean there are 2 point flyers or no point flyers?
or for jumps, there is a V formation, but the "point" of the V is in the back and the arms of the V are in the front two there NO point jumper, two point jumpers or one point jumper, but they're in the back?
Or let's say the dance of the routine the layout is 3 rows but they extend from the front left corner of the mat and go towards the back right. so is there no point dancer, or is the person closest to the front of the mat the point dancer?
I would say the the flyer, jumper, dancer, etc. that you most easily and naturally focus on would be your "point". So if you have 5 stunts, 2 centered in the front and 3 in the ME, the "point" flyer would be the center stunt of the back row because, well, she is center. Same with a reverse "V" formation. If the center person is most visible, that is your "point". Everyone has a natural tendency to look there first, then go from left to right. So that would be my opinion on it.
I agree. Point doesnt always mean front, usually just center. Sometimes I use the term "splitting point" Which would be if there was a V formation but there was no girl front and center (the formation starts with 2 athletes on a line). To me they are splitting point.
Point flyer=whoever is in the center. And if there is no center, then the 2 sharing the center would be the point flyers!
I actually perfer this because then your eye isn't drawn to just one group
I'm going to post 2 formations.. I tried to make more with more stunt groups but because there was no lines it's hard for me to make them look even on both sides.... So where would u put your stronger/best flyer in these formations??


Would you put the best flyer as the 3rd group, or the 1st group??
Because you read from left to right but number 3 is more centered? Lol


In this one would u put the best flyer as the 2nd and 3rd groups because they are most centered and people say judges always look center first OR would you put them as the 4th flyer because they are closest to the front?

I seriously have like 8 more random stunt formations in my head with more stunt groups but I have to find a lined white pic so I can put the dots on there evenly. And no this is not my daughters team- I actually always wonder this but at a competition I usually look at who I'm sitting closest too. If I'm sitting to the left I look at the closest left flyers and if I'm sitting on the right I look at the closest right flyers but I really just thought this would be interesting convo??