Different Gifts You Win At Competitions

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I think this was just for attending, but I know comps used to give away beach towels. At old Pop Warner comps they would give big cups, fleece blankets, and awkward draw string canvas bags.
I've gotten blankets, cards, drawstring bags, and keychains from JamFest. Oooh, and a foam finger because we won "most entertaining" or something. UCA always has bags and pins.
We got collectible pins from NCA events last year, a blanket from ACA, P won a Cheersport Nationals blanket from an online cheer site, SC gave us a beanie this weekend...it never made it home.
Hahaha I've gotten a lunch box, too! But other than that, just the usual assortment of drawstring bags, messenger bags, pins, and shirts!
At Xtreme Spirit this past weekend they made mouse pads that said "National Champion" on them... A little weird since post people now use laptops!
at like americas best like last year, my team did kinda bad, and so we got a sticker that said "i competed with the best"
i was just like, wow, that's encouraging.!!! haha i got a lunchbox, and a box of tampons at one too! :p
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